August 9, 2010

動画「中国の1200人乗りのバス」 / China Straddling Bus



"Chinese Straddling Bus !!"

The Straddling Bus, large enough that cars drive underneath and thru them, is the focus of an amazing new project from China.

It can travel at speeds of 60kph (37.3mph) while carrying more than 1,200 passengers!
And is much more economical than building more subways and is also predicted to save CO2.

I like this kind of innovative ideas!!


  1. Indeed innovative! I'd love to see that one IN my country but it seems like we have a very long waaaay to go for something like that. we're not crowded yet. hehe.

    Anyway, this is not just a it?

  2. “Not crowded” is the best! I envy you.
    I’m not sure whether if this is just a prototype cause the YouTube movie introducing this bus is in Chinese:)

    But China has an edge and seems they will do anything!