October 19, 2009

「デルタ スカイマイル シティ プラチナVISAカード」へ名称変更

ノースウエストがデルタと合併したことに伴い、「ノースウエスト シティ ワールドパークス プラチナVISAカード」も「デルタ スカイマイル シティ プラチナVISAカード」へと名称が変更になりました。

Citiプラチナデスクによると、現ノースウエスト プラチナカードホルダーには今後1年以内に順次、デルタのプラチナカードが送られてくるそうです。送られてくる時期は「カードに記載されている有効期限の月の翌月」と決まっているようで、例えば僕は5月が期限なので、2010年6月に新しいカードが来るようです。



"Delta Skymiles Citi Platinum VISA Card"

I'm a holder of Northwest Citi WorldPerks Platinum VISA Card.

Now that the Northwest merged with the Delta, I was announced that my credit card will also be changed to Delta Skymiles Citi Platinum VISA Card.

There are no changes in all the benefits. The credit card# remains the same. Plus I can earn miles for both my Northwest and Delta flight. And Delta operates its largest hub at Atlanta International Airport where I use frequently.

So seems everything is perfect for me. But one thing I don't like is the design of the new card. Northwest's card is significantly cooler than Delta's...
Come to think of it, it doesn't effect any function. But it just bothers me :)



  1. Wow, you must be a frequent flyer Hayden :) Hmm...the looks of the card kinda dull though. I agreed it should be more alive although I don't have one and I don't even know about it. Hehe. Btw, how are you doing lately Hayden?

  2. I'm doing fine, thanks. I'm a bit busy with my work and I can hardly wait till the weekend!!