October 10, 2009

デジカメLUMIX DMC-FX60を購入

これから年末にかけて何かと行事が続くので、デジカメを買いました。4年ほど使用したLUMIX DMC-FX9から、LUMIX DMC-FX60への買い替えです。





"Panasonic Digital Camera LUMIX DMC-FX60"

My latest gadget, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX60 has arrived.

What make this camera so special is the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode.

Just choose iA Mode, aim at your subject, and shoot. Then 7 detection and correction functions are activated simultaneously to optimize the settings. (Shake detection, Face detection, Face Recognition, Subject detection, Motion detection, Scene detection, and light detection.)

When you don't know which mode will give you the best shooting results, or when a sudden photo opportunity pops up and you don't have time to make any settings, simply choose iA Mode and let the camera do it all for you.
Now I'm free from annoying settings every time :)

Btw, Japan is known for electronics and gadgets, but they’re not cheap here in Tokyo. And some products have only Japanese language menus. I found many things in US cost the same (or cheaper in some cases.)

But what I can say is it's really worthwhile for tourists to visit Akihabara(Akiba) aera in Tokyo. There are numerous 10-20 story buildings and all of these buildings are full of Japanese gadgets!


  1. Hey Hayden, wow cool and nice gadget! How many MP does it have? I bet this one is equipped with the smile detection too...no? It's a good thing it makes our life easier now with all that iA system..

    10 - 20 story building full of Japanese gadgets?! OMG! I'll be crazy already if I'm there! Hehe. I love gadgets!

  2. Haydenさん、こんばんは(^^)



  3. Hi Didz, it has 12 Mega Pixels!
    I think this is enough for me :)

    I'm still in the middle of reading the manuals but yeah I think it is equipped with the smile detection! In addition, you can register your or your friend's face. Then it automatically detect your face and focus to it. what a smart gadget!!

  4. GREENさん、こんばんは。