September 8, 2009

ビリヤードの実力を測るには / Rank your billiard skill





プロ: ボーラード3ゲーム合計630点以上でプロテスト合格
SA級: 公式戦(球聖位戦、名人戦等)、オープン戦で優勝したA級
A級: ボーラード150点以上
B級: ボーラード80 - 150点
C級: ボーラード30 - 80点
ビギナー: ボーラード0 - 30点

各級のボーラードのスコアはおよその目安で、店・地域によって多少の差があります。 (僕のホームのお店では180点以上をA級としていました。)


ちなみに僕が初めてプレーした時の点数は20点位でした。それから200点を超えるまでに2年程かかった記憶があります。 その後長いブランクがあり、今では上達するどころかA級を維持するのが精一杯ですが。。

“How to rank your Pool (Pocket Billiard) skill level in Japan”

A game called Bowlliards (Bowlards) is used to rank your Pool skill in Japan.

You'd better play this game and rank your skill before you participate in any amateur tournament. They might ask you when you enter the tournament.

Bowlliards is played with object balls 1-10. The rules for Bowlliards are very similar to those of an actual bowling game.

The break shot up until the first foul/scratch is considered the first frame. The second frame is the period immediately after the first foul/scratch up until the next foul/scratch.

You get a Strike if you pocked all object balls at the first frame. And if you pocked all of them at the second frame, you get a Spare. Perfect score is 300.

A foul will be called if the cue ball is pocketed (scratch), or the cue ball is hit off the table.

Pro: Sum of 3 consecutive game score is 630 or above
Rank SA: Rank A player who win an official tournament incl pros.
Rank A: 150 or above
Rank B: 80 - 150
Rank C: 30 - 80
Beginner: 0 - 30

It took me couple of years to be a Rank A player.
There is a long way to go!


  1. But you did it finally, waaay high up there :) You deserved it. If I was to measure up my billiard skill, well I'm not even close to the pyramid skill, lol!

  2. Hi Didz, thanks for your comment.
    you can be trained mentally, technically and physically through billiards. i know your country, especially Crown Prince Billah, is good when it comes to Billiards!

  3. Hi Hayden, I'm a bit slow when it comes to train mentally. Hehe. My aunt got a billiard table at home but I hardly go there and play anymore..

    I know he's good, it is his favorite sport/activity. Did u get to meet him in person? I did once. Doesn't look good on tv but personally, wow, handsome. Not that you care anyway. Hehe.

    Thanks for the tips Hayden, I'll keep that in mind next time I play billiard. I'd prefer billiard than playing pool though. I guess billiard is much more easier to me :)

  4. I just read about him in the bliiard magazine, but yes he was handsome.

    Your aunt got a billiard table at home!? wow, that's my dream! that's never gonna happen as long as I live in Tokyo where overcrowded :)

  5. It's mine too! But not gonna happen cuz I've 2 brothers that likes to play too so I'm a bit selfish here, I'm considering if I buy one, then all of his friends will always hang out at our home thus less privacy for me. Hehe. Besides it's very expensive and yes, no space to keep it.

    Hey Hayden, just an idea. I know you maybe bored now with this but can you blog about sushi in Tokyo? I'm having sushi tomorrow :) can't wait! Yummylicious!

  6. Hello friend,
    Thank you for following my blog.
    I have also followed your blog.
    Let's keep in touch.

  7. yeah, they might hang out all the time. you’d better go to your aunt’s :)
    I don’t have any good tips for sushi right now :-( I will look for anything interesting about sushi and post sometime in the near future!

  8. Thanks Hayden, that's very sweet and nice of you :) can't wait to read it!