September 28, 2009





"What happens if you talk with your phone in a concert?"

That's why they are asking to refrain from using cell phone in public places:)


  1. Hi love this video thanks for sharing...

  2. Hey Hayden! Haha, that's very funny! Yup, that guy really deserved for not appreciating the concert show...hehe. A good one :)

  3. Hi Aree, Thanks for your comment!
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  4. Hi Didz, I like this kind of humor ‘cause this will never happen in Japan. No one here has such a great sense of humor :)

  5. U sure about that Hayden? I think Japanese are just some funny people..I watched the Batsu game in youtube,,u know the one that says 'dont laugh in the classroom game'. what do u think about that?

  6. Hi Hayden-san, I'm popping in from あし@。Wondered if I leave a comment in Japanese or English as all are English here.
    I enjoyed reading your blog, will definitely come back :)

    I'm writing a blog in English as well(though being lazy for posting lately).

    Thank you

  7. Woow, how did you find out that video Didz!! That's my #1 favorite TV! I have tons of DVDs as well! I can't believe you find that :)

    That's a TV show hosted by duo comedian "Down Town". Batsu Game means a penalty game.
    One of Down Town who lose the game should do the Batsu Game "dont laugh in somewhere" together with other comedians.

    It was held not only in the classroom but the gym, hotel etc.

  8. Hi konnichiwa Junekiwi-san, thanks for your comment.
    It was only my second day joined あし@. This gadget really does works!

    I've read your wonderful blog and joined with Google Friends Connect.

    Let's keep in touch!

    Oh btw, comments in Japanese are also welcomed.

  9. Hey Hayden, sorry it took me a while to check back your last comment on this. Hehe, I found it on You tube by accident actually but sure hell was funny! I can't understand what it says but by looking at them made me laugh so hard already. I've watched the "don't laugh in hotel", and "don't laugh in gym" as well. What I like the most is the "don't laugh at classroom"! Hehe, Still remember that guy counting 100 as "ten,ten,ten,ten,ten..." hahaha! I wanna embed that vid in my blog but just having 2nd thought about it afraid I'll offended somebody out there. :)

  10. Don't be sorry, that's OK!

    "ten, ten, ten..." made me laugh too.  
    I also remember that he counting 21 to 30 as "ten-ten-one, ten-ten-two, ten-ten-three.." :)

    That was an extreme case, but actually 9 out of 10 Japanese can't speak English at all though we learn English in school for 10 years!

  11. Haha, I know. That made me laugh so hard body was shaking terribly when that guys count the 21 to 30! lol!
    9 outta 10? wow! That's a shock for 10 years of English course! Hehe.
    Thanks Hayden, I'll embed it in my post someday. (Hey, it's better to seek an advice 1st from a Japanese guy like you, Hehe)

  12. Embeded it in your post will not be a problem cause Japanese are not so offensive.
    Japanese have a tendency, traditionally, to make humility a virtue.
    In fact, they will be happy when we know that Japanese TV(through Youtube) are introduced in other countries.