September 14, 2009

東京を上空から見た美しい動画 / Awesome Video of Tokyo Skyscrapers




東京の他の地域も上空から見たいという方は、押井 守監督が六本木ヒルズのオープニングイベント用に作製したTokyo Scannerという動画もお勧めです。

“Awesome View of Tokyo Skyscrapers”

This is a time-lapse wonderful video of skyscrapers in Tokyo.
You should watch this at full screen!

These skyscrapers seen in this video are located in an area called Shinjuku and it’s not a full view of Tokyo.
It is just only one of the busy area in Tokyo and there are several more.

35 million people are living in greater Tokyo and this is twice of its of New York City incl New Ark (18 million).
And more than 3 million people are using Shinjuku station each and every day.

Great Video! but I feel small somehow..

If you are interested in other areas of Tokyo, click here to watch video “Tokyo Scanner” filmed by Mamoru Oshii, the famous Japanese film/anime director. (Works: Ghost In The Shell, Patlabor, Urusei Yatsura etc)


  1. Hi Hayden, your Tokyo is super lovely!! and I love to watch those beautiful skies! Very nice! Great you had sushi too! Too bad you didn't bring along the camera with you. Ok on second thought, it's ok otherwise I'll be all mouth watering to see the sushi pictures, lol! Do you know how to make sushi? hehe...that should be interesting. :)

  2. Thanks Didz, I'm always in the office/home but this video reminds me how beautiful the blue sky is.

    I believe brunei also have a good seafoods. Then all you need to make a hand-rolled sushi is Sashimi (sliced raw fish), Nori (dried seaweed), and Sushi Rice (vinegared rice).
    Just put Sushi Rice and Sashimi on the Nori and roll it. that’s all.

    I will continue my effort to find any tips on Sushi anyway!

  3. Hi Jonathan, I have visited your blogs.
    These are interesting!

  4. Hi Hayden, well actually I made sushi few times with my aunts and cousins but it was still in the beginner ranking, so is to speak. hehe and trust me it was so messy that someone from Japan like you will faint to see! lol! but it tasted good. all i wanted to know is how they roll so perfect and those neat presentation they brings. i really want a sushi that's made of Japan. heehe..thanks Hayden, you're the best!